Friday, July 13, 2007

Got a question about Palestinian heritage?

(Jeni at the opening of an
Archive traveling exhibition)

A word from our director:

The Archive receives lots of reference enquiries...

Palestinians write to us about all sorts of things, from where to find a Palestinian embroidered dress for their wedding to what kind of traditional costume was worn in their parents' or grandparents' village, to how to give their children (growing up in the diaspora) a sense cultural identity. Non Palestinians ask where to purchase embroidery, or has anything been published on so and so, or can they come see our research library's collection of maps, or postcards, or 19th century travel books...

We thought we'd like to share some of these enquiries and the responses we send back, with you here. Let's make this blog another space to share what we know of Palestinian heritage, past and present...

Jeni Allenby
Palestine Costume Archive

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